Bespoke Laravel development and responsive web application.

Screenshot taken from the bespoke Laravel application. Laravel development by Arrow.
Dashboard on the bespoke system. (Personal data pixilated)

A bespoke Laravel web application to manage an industry leading breeding programme for cattle.

Activf-ET, based in Penrith, Cumbria, are a nation-wide advanced breeding programme for cattle, and with multiple teams across the country, they required a centralised system to manage their clients’ cattle and associated breeding activities.

As required by the industry, Activf-ET must record all procedures, embryos and pregnancies of cattle undergoing their IVF treatments. The system makes this a breese for the team and gives them an overview of all the activity for the week or day. We've reduced human errors, introduced advanced business logic to ensure data validity and drastically reduced the time spent on data management for the team.

Output from the system includes advanced reporting and analysis, automated production of industry required forms (ET1 and ET2 forms). This level of reporting just wasn't possible before the introduction of the system.

The end result is a pioneering system that the team uses to delivery their advanced breeding program. A system that not only records data, but understands the intricacies of how Activf-ET work and their breeding program. The system has since been adapted for use across multiple species and now covers Cattle, Sheep and Horses.

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