Compass360 Feedback

A rescue project where we picked up the pieces and developed a business critical system for Compass360

Take a look at how we worked with Compass360 to understand their business, procedures and system and delivered a fantastic system that is used by numerous large business clients such as NHS, Honda, Heiniken, Environment Agency and Council of Europe.

Screenshot taken from the bespoke Laravel application. Laravel development by Arrow.
The feedback questionnaire used within the bespoke system.

When Compass360 got in touch, they had a half-built Laravel and Angular system that did not meet their needs. The purpose of the system was to allow their clients’ employees to complete a self-assessment questionnaire and also a questionnaire about others (full 360 feedback in the workplace). It should have produced a nice PDF report at the end of the process and Compass360 should have been able to manage every aspect of the system. Unfortunately, there were large parts of the system that didn't work and progress was painfully slow.

As usual, we like to understand the project that we're inheriting and how it all bolts together. This was certainly an ambitious project which required time and focus to get critical parts of the system completed. After a few meetings with Compass360, we agreed the best course of action was to focus on one area of the system at a time.

We produced a detailed, itemised proposal so that Compass360 could prioritise which parts of the system would deliver the most benefit to their business. We worked incredibly closely with Compass360 throughout the end to end development process. Each individual development was sent over to Compass360 for review and feedback. This involved a closed alpha test of the system with friends and family of Compass360, which was a valuable exercise to highlight potential issues and bugs before the system was made live.

The system launch was a huge success and Compass360 have been able to deliver a 360 feedback service to some huge clients. We continue to work with Compass360 and to this day have implemented new features such as; comparison reports (allowing people to compare their results to last time), group report (allowing organisations to view groups of employees), comparison group report (a combination of the group and comparison report), multi-lingual (the system can currently run, and produce reports, in most European languages as well as Chinese and Japanese).

We've thoroughly enjoyed developing a truly valuable and slick system for our client.

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