Cumbria Storage Solutions

A modern Jamstack site delivering phenomenal speed and SEO, resulting in significantly increased site traffic and custom for the client.

Screenshot taken from the Jamstack website for Cumbria Storage Solutions. Jamstack development by Arrow.
Cumbria Storage Solutions homepage. Fast loading? You betcha

Responsive Website Design and Build

Cumbria Storage Solutions wanted a simple, clean site that looked great.

We delivered a modern, mobile first and visually appealing site with clear call to actions and a strong branding. Cumbria Storage Solutions don’t need to change the content very frequently, so we went down the route of a static site built from a powerful static site generator (11ty). The benefit to Cumbria Storage Solutions was an incredibly fast turn around at a really competitive price.

Serverless hosting and a content delivery network ensure the site loads super fast and is always available.

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