Paragon Equine

A powerful Laravel API coupled with a VueJS Single Page Application for an incredibly powerful UI.

Screenshot taken from the Laravel and VueJS dashboard for Paragon Equine. Laravel development and bespoke software by Arrow.
Application Dashboard updated in realtime (names have been pixelated to protected the identity of the horses)

Bespoke web app delivering real time updates for the Equine team.

Paragon Equine required a solution to manage and store all their advanced breeding information. A system was required to track each and every horse, insemination, procedure, medicine and numerous other data points along the way.

Upon speaking to Paragon Equine and discussing their requirements, it became obvious there was two main data sets they relied on. Their historical records and their live data. Historical records are straight forward, but we need a way to display live information to the team working with the horses. Their current solution was a whiteboard that contained and recorded all the data they needed for the day. This worked really well for them, so we used this as a starting point to design their dashboard.

The new dashboard now grows and shrinks as needed. Information can be added with a simple click. Horses are grouped based on their status (with the most urgent ones showing first). The team were keen to show this on a large TV to replace their whiteboard. We use realtime updates (powered by Pusher) to push any changes to the dashboard as and when they happen. This means team members can make changes to the system anywhere, and the large TV always shows the most up to date information.

The backend to this system is powered by a Laravel API. We added advanced retrivial techniques to the API, allowing the VueJS app to gather vast amounts of data from few API calls.

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