V V Rouleaux

Fully responsive, bespoke, Page Builder enabled theme and custom development.

Screenshot taken from the Magento 2 website for V V Rouleaux. Magento 2 development by Arrow.
Bespoke responsive theme, Magento 2 homepage for V V Rouleaux.

A powerful Magento store and stunning design.

Leading to simplified workflows for V V Rouleaux, increased website visitors and repeat customers.

We worked with the exceptionally talented Bolter Design, who produced the website design. There was a lot of discussion around certain aspects of the design and how they should work. We collaborated to ensure these ideas worked on both a design and UX perspective.

With such a bespoke theme, we decided to build on the Hyvä theme. Using Tailwind and AlpineJS allowed us to quickly build out some incredibly powerful components. We integrated with Page Builder (a new addition to Magento 2.3) which enabled both marketing and editorial teams the ability to build out and edit the site themselves and without developer involvement. Each page (home page, shop by colour, blog content) have all been created from the Page Builder, demonstrating the flexibility and ability it gives V V Rouleaux.

We also used Magento's Multi Source Inventory (MSI) to enable V V Rouleaux to manage their multiple stock locations and huge catalogue (~55,000 SKUs). On on-premise Point Of Sale (POS) system is used in the London shop, this communicates directly with Magento.