Vet Sustain

A unique challenge and rewarding partnership with Vet Sustain to build on their CraftCMS site.

Screenshot taken from the Vet Sustain website. CraftCMS development by Arrow.
A small section of the Vet Sustain carbon calculator.

The Worlds first Veterinary Carbon Calculator

A simple UI for veterinary practices to measure and reduce their carbon footprint.

Arrow partnered with Vet Sustain, a leading advocate for environmental sustainability in the veterinary practice industry, to develop a bespoke carbon calculator. This innovative tool enables veterinary practices to measure and reduce their carbon footprint effectively. Built on CraftCMS, the calculator seamlessly integrates into Vet Sustain's website, providing an intuitive user experience.

To enhance functionality, Arrow implemented a custom Stripe connector for secure payment processing, ensuring a smooth subscription-based service. The calculator's front-end development utilised TailwindCSS for visually appealing design and responsiveness, while Alpine.js enhanced interactivity. This dynamic combination delivers an engaging and user-friendly platform.

Through close collaboration with Vet Sustain, Arrow developed a customized carbon calculator that aligns perfectly with their vision. This partnership showcases Arrow's commitment to innovation and sustainability, empowering veterinary practices to track, manage, and reduce their environmental impact. Together, we are making a positive difference in promoting a more environmentally conscious veterinary practice industry.

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